Welcome To My Online Journal

I want to welcome to my blog. My name is Angela and I am a Light worker but live in the closet. I have been on this path of awakening for 30 years but had my first spiritual experience 47 years ago.

My spirit guides and angels are making it loud and clear that it is now time to share with you that I am here. You will eventually learn why I have not yet done this if you choose to stick around, but today is not the day for that part of my story.

Most of my life I had a strong pull to share my light with others but I did not feel safe and was often afraid. I am a high frequency being and this planet is very high density.

It has taken me many years , including a couple dark nights of the soul to get to where I am now. I am not a spiritual healer and I am not a spiritual teacher. I work in the medical field and have on and off since I was 20.

I really struggled over the years with this, should I stay in mainstream healing or go to alternative healing….but Spirit has shown me that it does not matter as much where I am but what I do with my energy that matters.

So, this blog is probably not like others online. I am writing this as online journal for myself as much as for you. If it resonates with you and especially if it helps you on your journey, that is wonderful.

If not, no harm done, no hard feeling, Namaste

I have a lot I can share and I would love you hear from you as well.

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