Choosing Each Day To Walk In The Light

I have walked my path for over 30 years but not always consciously. I am becoming more aware that a big part of my spiritual path is being an activated light worker. This means being in alignment with the source so that you don’t use up your own light and vibrations which lead to burnout , but instead draw endlessly from the Divine Source . Your then able to live more consistently with a high vibration and clear boundaries so that you can better serve others by teaching, leading , healing and or inspiring them.

I am a highly emotional person and still struggle , even after all these years of being on the path of awareness. I am still working towards the goal of being fully activated but I am activated some of the time at this point of my life. It has taken many years to get here, but the freedom , the peace , the joy is simply immeasurable.

I will write another post about activated light workers in the future if your interested. Aubrey Hoffman in her book “Activate Your Light” talks about it in her book. It is a great resource to read if you have been a light worker for awhile but are needing to move into the next phase of expanding your light outward.

There comes a time when all the healing work and inner work needs an outlet. You never stop needing to do inner work , but we are here to not only learn our own lessons but to help each others. Aubrey’s book is like an an advanced guide for light workers on one hand and a personal memoir on the other.

I agree with her that a person who has activated their Light chooses love over fear every day. It is a choice you have to make. When you choose love, you are safe and protected because love is the most powerful force in the universe and as you walk through your day in love you will attract love in every situation, location and being.

Love is the glue that holds everything together, I have believed this for years. I have believed it is the synchronicity in religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islamism , Wicca and others. It is love that is the similarity. Does God really care how we express our love for Him/Her? Or is it more important that we love?

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