Why Is Being Grounded Important?

When I am not grounded, I feel flighty and irritable. It can literally feel like my part of my brain is trying to escape my skull. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. I feel anxious and distracted. I also begin to have trouble sleeping and struggle with fatigue during the day, me energy drains and and I feel cut off from the flow of vitality that often flows through and around me.

Many of us empaths grow up feeling ungrounded. We are often too too sensitive for this low vibrational planet we live on and most of us don’t have someone who can guide us through the vibrational process.

So we stumble…. we stumble until we awaken and then we discover there is a whole world out there of people similar to us. That we are not crazy and we are not alone.

I am hoping you know that, your not alone. There are lots of us. But there are more aware and awakened souls on this planet than you can possibly be aware of. It is difficult being a highly sensitive person because we often feel like nobody around us can understand us and at the same time we pick up on the emotions and energy of others and often don’t now how to separate our energy from theirs.

Grounding is something I have to be conscious of on daily basis or I honestly feel like part of me just wants nto float away. There are many situations that can bend us to the breaking point. Ride it out, recognize how you feel , allow yourself to feel and and process whats going on. . Let go of any guilt or resentment you me be carrying. The things take time, but they are a great start.

I Iearned a simple, but very effective grounding meditation 30 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child.

Instead of feeling like a leaf adrift in the wind, you can feel like a deeply, rooted tree with the following meditation:

After quieting yourself in your favorite spot, sit straight up with your feet firmly on the ground. imagine the sky above you and above that the Universe. Feel the vastness above you and all around you. Know that you are not alone. Your angels, spirit guides and ancestors surround you with loving support.

Imagine a beautiful glowing clear light similar to the brightest sunlight you can imagine , shining down on you from above in a singular column of light.

Now, imagine this light coming down through your crown chakra, and through your spinal corn as it move through you, the light stimulates each of your chakras and fills them with light.

This Light from above then moves down to your tailbone and down through your legs and to the bottom of your feet where the light divides and part of it goes into one leg and part goes into the other.

Imagine the light moving deep down into the core of the earth and connecting to Mother Gaia and then moving back up , up up through your energy centers , as it moves back up to the heavens connecting to the Divine and grounding you between the Mother Earth and the Cosmos above/

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